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Commonly used for:

  • safety awareness
  • jobsite access/pride
  • years-of-service

We can do any image, any color, any size, any shape. The durable vinyl product we use has a high-tack adhesive for permanent stickers, and a regular adhesive for temporary, removable stickers--but these won't come off unless you want them to. An option for UV coating means these stickers will last 8-10 years in direct sunlight, far exceeding the life cycle of the hardhat itself.

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Product Info

Product TypeHard Hat Stickers
Price (excl. tax)$1.00
Availability Available
Material Vinyl
Thickness 3 mil
Adhesive Acrylic, permanent, clear (an option for low-tack removeable is available)
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor and Outdoor
Outdoor Durability 3-10 years
Weight (oz) 0.075
Number of reviews 0

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