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The Panduit®MMP350 Stainless Steel Marker Plate provides permanent identification of pipes, conduits, valves, cables, and equipment in harsh environments. These tags are engraved by laser, leaving a dark marking. The pin-point laser engraving technology allows for a clear, easy-to-read marking which can include greater detail than traditional embossing.

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Product Info

Product TypeStainless Steel Panduit Tags
Price (excl. tax)$6.00
Availability Available
Label Properties Deliver maximum visibility for medium to high volume applications that are exposed to dirt and paint
Length (in) 3.5
Max. Recommended Character Per Line 23
Thickness (in) 0.01
Width (in) 0.75
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Temperature Range -76 to 1000
Environment Harsh Indoor/Outdoor
Manufacturer Part No.

Panduit® MMP350-C316

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Weight (oz) 0.113

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