THT-18 Tamper-evident Metallized Polyester



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THT-18 Tamper-evident Metallized Polyester material for thermal transfer print technology is for general purpose labeling needs. Most commonly used on covers, lids, etc., to visually indicate tampering, which might void warranties or breach safety standards.

  • Metalized Polyester labels feature a permanent acrylic adhesive that leaves a checkerboard footprint if removed
  • Designed for rating and serial plates requiring both high-performance and protection against removal
  • Ideal for product labeling, asset tracking and general industrial ID
  • Withstands solvents and variable temperatures

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Default Font = Arial Black

1st Line Text = 10 pt font (or shrink to fit)

Lines 2-6 Text = 8 pt font (or shrink to fit)

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Technical Data Sheet

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Product Info

Product TypeTHT-18
Price (excl. tax)$2.00
Availability Available
Weight (oz) 0.0092
Color Silver
Font Type Arial Black (other fonts available upon request)
Font Color Options Black, Blue, Red, Green, Purple
Label Height (in) 1.0
Label Width (in) 3.0
Printable Height (in) 1.0
Printable Width (in) 3.0
Max. # of Text Lines 6
Thickness (in) 0.0033
Material Tamper-evident Metallized Polyester
Adhesive Type Tamper-evident Acrylic
Finish Matte
Resistance Properties Chemical-Resistant, Humidity-Resistant, UV-Resistant, Weather-Resistant
Indoor or Outdoor Use Approved for Outdoor Use
Temperature Range -40 °F - 104 °F
Durability Tamper-Resistant

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